Naperville Police Dept. encourages new safety routine

Mary Jane Deer, Head News Editor

The Naperville Police Department is promoting a new program called The 9 PM Routine, designed to remind Naperville residents to protect their homes and cars this holiday season. This national public safety campaign is designed to combat theft, especially regarding cars. The goal is to have citizens developing good habits to protect their cars and homes. 

Central school resource officer James Tanksley hopes to use The 9pm Routine to educate students and the Naperville community on developing habits to keep possessions safe. 

“We want everybody to get into this safe routine. Remove all your valuables from your car at night. Lock your doors, close your overhead garage doors, close the doors, lock all the exterior doors to your house. You’d be surprised how many people leave their doors unlocked,” Tanksley said. 

Tanksley remarked how often he sees staff and students leaving their cars unlocked as thefts occur around the holiday season due to people leaving their shopping items lying out in their car and not locking the doors. He called thefts like these crimes of opportunity because by not taking the proper steps to lock cars, homes, and possessions, it gives criminals in the opportunity to act.