Look up from your phones and you’ll realize: You’re a Snapchat addict

Thom Blair, Focus Editor

Walking through the halls here at Naperville Central has become a painstaking chore. Most people walk with their heads tilted down not acknowledging the people around them. For most, this wouldn’t be much of a problem but I see it as an epidemic. 

Kids are struggling to get all the way through a class period without checking their phones, and when they are allowed on their phones its nearly impossible to get them to put it away. But what is causing this epidemic of cellular absorption? My best guess is Snapchat. 

Snapchat had come out over seven years ago and has become the most used social media platform of the current generation. The essence of Snapchat is to send pictures and texts that won’t last “forever.” 

The current generation has become addicted to the sound of a Snap coming in, and thus addicted to their phones. According to Straight Talk Blog, the average teen spends at least three hours a day solely on their phones. 

Snapchat is at as much fault for these addictions as the teens themselves. Snapchat provides incentives such as streaks and badges to entice people onto the app and to continue using their app. 

The constant use of social media such as Snapchat detracts from the ability to socialize face to face. The current generation has started to text across the table instead of talking to someone right in front of them. I believe this leads to trust issues, bullying and a disconnect from society.

Snapchat needs to own up for what they have done to the current generation. Whether that is shutting down or making the app less addictive, that’s not my decision to make. However, to my friends and to my peers, pick your head up out of your phone and talk to someone. You never know where it might help you down the road.