With football seating, you can’t always get what you want


Thom Blair

Central’s Rowdies lead the student fan section at the Sept. 6 home game against Lincoln-Way East. Tradition gives seniors priority at the front of the fan section, while freshmen students are often pushed out of the fan section completely, depending on the size of the crowd.

Richie Holmberg, Jr., Sports Editor

A vital part of the high school experience is attending football games on Friday nights.

Year in and year out, Naperville Central has a great turnout at home games. Our school spirit is high and our ability to buy into a shared experience is part of what makes Central a lively place. However, there has been a history of contention between upper and lower classmen at football games. In particular, there is a seemingly constant struggle between seniors and the younger grades when it comes to seating at football games. 

In my freshman year, getting a seat on Friday nights was a cutthroat affair. With the “one more row” chant in its heyday, freshmen were forced over the top railing of the student section, where they would have to shamefully walk down the stands and sit in an overflow section. Now, in my fourth year at NCHS, the “one more row” chant is seldom occurring, but the discontent has not subsided. Seniors believe that they have paid their dues and want unfettered access to the front rows of the bleachers. 

Many are concerned that the seniority they have earned is being worn down. They are upset that they still have to put forth the effort to get prime seats, yet I would have it no other way. Yes, we have paid our dues, supporting NCHS while sitting at the uppermost sections of the bleachers, but continued support of NCHS does not make us entitled to a spot.

If we wanted to have saved spots we would have tickets with assigned seating, but the fun of it is getting there early and working for your spot.

I am glad that we no longer jettison underclassmen out of the student section, but seniors need to toughen up. If seniors want a “good” seat, they should get there earlier, because the seats are there for the taking.