District provides students with opportunity to explore Iceland


Photo courtesy by Naperville203. For more information on the 2020 Iceland field trip, visit www.tiny.cc/Iceland2020.com or visit Katherine Seguino in the Science Office.

Gloria Rimkus, Staff Writer

Recently, Central students have had several opportunities to travel opened up to them. Two international trips are taking place starting with a trip to Costa Rica over the week of spring break. In addition, students will also have an opportunity to explore Iceland in the summer of 2020. Both trips take place over seven days and have been created to provide students with different educational experiences. Though it is too late to sign up for Costa Rica, students from Central and North can still sign up to travel to Iceland.

“I wanted to host a trip to Iceland so students could see the glaciers,” said Brian Glasby, Lincoln Junior High School science teacher. “Global warming is happening rapidly, and in 20 years the glacier may no longer exist.”

According to Glasby, students will get a complete tour of the island. Students will get to walk on the glaciers, which is an extremely rare opportunity. They will pay a visit to the Blue Lagoon, which is a geothermal spa, also known as a hot spring. It has a rich history and is currently used to power the Svartsengi geothermal power station. Students will also visit the tectonic plates which meet at the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

So far, 13 students have signed up to go, but Glasby expects 40 students to sign up.

Glasby and the NCHS science department encourage all current students to take advantage of this opportunity.

“Even current seniors can come on the summer trip as long as they register while they are still enrolled as students,” Glasby said. Graduated students who plan to go must be able to attend all of the pre-departure meetings, which will take place at NCHS.

There will be two more enrollment meetings, which students and parents can attend to obtain more information about the trip. The dates of these meetings have yet to be announced.

The round-trip will cost around $4,000. The price will cover hotels, meals, transport and a full-time tour guide, which will ensure a peace of mind to misunderstandings and help understand the Icelandic culture.

If you are interested in signing up or learning more about the trip, you can do that by going to www.tiny.cc/Iceland2020