Review: ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ finale heartfelt and action-packed


Hiccup and his friends return for a third adventure with newfound maturity and drive in “How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World,” in theatres everywhere.

Sam Ruvarac, Staff Writer

Director Dean DeBlois and Dreamworks are back again with a thrilling end to the  heartwarming “How to Train Your Dragon” series. The third movie of the HTTYD series “The Hidden World” is a wonderful tale about taking risks. The writers of this animated film successfully guide the story in a way that will leave you wanting a dragon of your very own.The box office sales alone have proven that this is a movie worth seeing. The film also contains quite a few scenes that express the struggles and freedom of growing up.

“How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” has what can be called a battle between the evil dragon hunter Gimmel and the rest of the dragon utopia of Burk, but the more broad, eye-opening battle is the struggle between Hiccup, the young viking chief, and himself.  

The movie displays, in a whirlwind of color and music, the progression in which young children grow up, fall in love, and break away from home. It did leave me wondering if these kids, who the movie is targeted at, are going to remember this movie when they have also reached that age.

Watching the second film prior to this one is beneficial. There are characters that are reintroduced that I personally forgot about, but once my memory was refreshed, the pieces started to fall together. The “How to Train Your Dragon” series failed in creating a villain that was memorable. Filmmakers had the opportunity to make a villian that was relentless throughout all the movies but instead left us with a small character. Dragon hunter, Gimmel contributes a new dragon, the Lightfury, a rare glittery dragon close to Toothless’ kind.

Another high point of the movie was the animation. Building up the characters’ looks and aging them well demonstrates the maturity of the film. Not only does Hiccup look older, but so do the rest of his friends and the dragons.

Director Dean DeBlois safely landed his trilogy in a way that will tug at your heart. The story of a boy and his best friend and its’ timeless values are delivered with epic adventure and truthful lessons. Overall the movie sparked childlike joy in my heart. It is a family friendly movie that I will gladly see again and again. After three compelling films, we say farewell to one of the best trilogies of our generation.