Treat yourself to lift your mood

Practicing self-care is different for everyone. Whether it be with a spa night, exercising or giving yourself affirmations and positive talk-everyone has a different way of making themself feel good. Taking time for yourself is vital to staying mentally healthy with all the stress in life. The Central Times discusses what self-care means to them and how they practice it.

Marissa Laqui and Claire Paschke, Community Editor and Entertainment Editor

Right when the January blues start to sink in and you start dreaming of sun-soaked beaches of summers past, February arrives in full force. Ice storms, accumulating snow showers and long stretches of endless gray skies are enough to make anyone sad. But with the added stress of essays and math homework, high schoolers can be hit especially hard with being overwhelmed.

Self-care is important year round, but taking time for yourself during the latter half of the winter is vital to keeping you happy, healthy.

Something as simple as a great facemask and your favorite bath bomb or bubble bath can do wonders for your dry winter skin and your stress level. For those who really want to indulge, the all-natural company, Lush, offers divine bath concoctions and vegan face masks from as low as $7 or $8. Target also has a great selection of more affordable products, perfect for a DIY spa day.

A yoga session or workout is another way to lift your mood and show your body some love. Many studios even offer special student discounts, perfect for those rocking a part time job on the weekend. For $49 a month, Hot Yoga Naperville offers unlimited yoga, bootcamp and dance classes for every ability level. Some Yoga studios will even have free week-long trial periods so students feel more motivated to try something new and outside of their comfort zone.

It’s about time you treat yourself by spending time indulging in your favorite cuisines and spoil yourself with dessert.    

What better place to go than Naperville’s restaurant of love, Paris Bistro located on Showplace Drive. It features popular French dishes and desserts starting from charcuteries to french macaroons and dessert crepes. The prices on the menu range from $6 to $30 and include soups, salads, brunch, sweet and savory crepes, between-breads and desserts such as gelato and cake.

Retail therapy can also do wonders to combat winter blues. Admit it, you have been working long and hard for your paycheck, and it is about time you buy that cute outfit you have been longing for.

A little bit of shopping never hurt anyone, and it will certainly lift your spirit and confidence. Even your favorite candy bar for less than $1 at your local gas station can certainly put a smile on your face.

Since spring isn’t here yet to lift our spirits, it’s important to take care of yourself amongst the winter stress. Whatever self-care looks like for you, make sure you’re practicing it.