Top Ten Activities to Keep You Busy Over Winter Break


Photo source: Shutterstock

Zoe Kennedy, Correspondent

With the start of winter break comes ample time to yourself. But with so much time on your hands, it may be difficult to decide what exactly you should do. Here are 10 activities you can do to keep you entertained during break and leave you refreshed and rejuvenated in time for the start of second semester.


  • Call a friend(s) or family member to hang out: Whether it’s at someone’s house or at a public location, finding social interaction outside of your home is crucial.
  • Take up a creative project: Indulge in your inner artist and paint a picture, write a story or even just brushing up on your penmanship is not only brain stimulating, but positively time-consuming.
  • Get in the Holiday Spirit:  No matter what religion you are, decorating or baking for a religious holiday (or even New Year’s) will not only get you excited for a celebration, but will also help you feel accomplished.
  • Organize or Decorate Your Living Space: Although it may seem tedious, most of us want an aesthetic and clean room. Therefore, taking the time to make it special will not only be interesting but relieve any stress you may have had about your space.
  • Go Outside: Everyone is always hopeful for snow. However, even if it doesn’t snow, going for a walk (with a pet, going for a run, etc.) will take your mind off any issues and you’ll get a chance to enjoy the beautiful Chicago weather.
  • Go on a trip: Not everyone can go to the Bahamas for the holidays, but Chicago or even Naperville has many fun festivals and activities for people of all ages to either spectate or be involved in such as the Christkindlmarket, ice skating downtown, Winter Wonderfest and more!
  • Take Care of Unsettled School Work: Even if you do not have any homework, cleansing your backpack from first semester can help relieve stress and help you be more prepared upon returning back to school.
  • Read (anything): Although many people are no longer as interested in reading, any form of reading is not only interesting but promotes mental stimulation, stress reduction, memory improvements and of course, a greater vocabulary.
  • Go shopping: Whether it’s online or in-stores, before or after the holidays, browsing for some new merchandise is not only appealing but a satisfying way to pass time.
  • Binge Watch a Series: Everyone can agree that some of the best time is spent watching a good flick, so grab some friends or family or even by yourself and catch up on your favorite Netflix series.