Fun, festive, full of color: Naperville prepares for annual Naper Lights event


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Naperville celebrates Rotary’s 2017 Naper Lights holiday display by inviting locals to enjoy the vibrant lights with free admissions.

Ellen Spencer, News Editor

Beginning Nov. 23, the Rotary Club of Naperville Sunrise will be hosting its sixth annual Naper Lights event. This is an event open for all and attendees can walk through and experience an interactive lights display in time for the holiday season.

“One of the guys five years ago in our club kind of just had this brainchild of creating a space where people can come and … walk around a lighted display area,” said Lynne Nolan, Central’s dean of activities and co-chair for Naper Lights.

Ever since its first year opening, the event has grown in popularity with the new addition of the Christkindlmarket added to Naper Settlement holiday events. Though they are in the same vicinity, they are separate events.

“It’s like walking in the park except you’ve got animation and music,” Nolan said. “If you want hot cocoa you can get hot cocoa or a pretzel from a Christkindlmarket booth which is [a] completely separate  [event] but overlapping each other.”

Naper Lights displays are Thursday through Sunday beginning the Friday after Thanksgiving going through the Sunday before Christmas. Lights will go on 4 p.m., and it is free admission.

In addition to the festivities, Naper Lights and The Rotary Club of Naperville Sunrise will offer volunteer opportunities for high schoolers through their event.

High school students can sign up for volunteer hours using a Signup Genius link found on the Naper Lights website.

Senior Maddy Engels volunteered at last year’s  event by handing out 3D glasses on a popular sidewalk for people to view the 3D displays featured at the park.

“My favorite memory was watching all of the little kids put on their glasses and be simply amazed by what they saw when they looked at the decorations afterwards,” Engels said.

The Rotary Club of Naperville Sunrise hopes to bring the community together through this festive event and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

“For our rotary club, our vision behind this was to give a gift back to the community, to gave a place where families can remember what it’s like to just go out and do something together, and so were hoping this becomes that tradition for not just families from Naperville but families from all over,” Nolan said.