Moving on to the military: Luke Hallstrom


Photo by Laaiba Mahmood

Alana Cervera, Online Managing Editor, Sports Columnist

Senior Luke Hallstrom received many offers from schools to play collegiate football but the Air Force was different from any other.

“The benefits that you get from going to school there and the quality of education along with a good football program, it was too much good stuff to be passed up,” Hallstrom said.

Hallstrom accepted an offer from the Airforce Collegiate Football Team early in August of his senior year.

“I talked to my parents and they were both supporting me 100 percent,” Hallstrom said.

Hallstrom is currently applying to the academy which involves much more than a regular college application. There’s a medical exam, physical fitness test and an oath prohibiting alcohol and drug abuse. Hallstrom looks forward to majoring in engineering and serving four years after his time at the academy.

“I’m excited to see how I do,” Hallstrom said. “I had practice in JKB and in football. I have a good attitude about it.”

Hallstrom is unsure of where he’ll be after his four year commitment but describes the pride he feels in being apart of the military.

“You’re apart of something bigger than yourself,” Hallstrom said. “I’ve learned that from football but when you’re apart of a unit, it’s more than just you. [In the Air Force,] you learn to follow before you learn to lead.”