Moving on to the military: Jeremy Venegas


Photo by Mary Szymanski

Noelle Schwarz, News Editor

There’s a sense of family in the Marine Corps, a brotherhood unlike anything else. This, along with the desire to serve his country, attracted senior Jeremy Venegas to enlist in the Marine Corps.

“The summer before junior year I kinda wanted to join the military,” Venegas said. “Then a buddy of mine actually helped me go to the Marine Corps and I’ve been there ever since.”

In October, Venegas began the process of signing up for the Marines.

“It was [lots] of forms, telling them who you are, what’s wrong with you, what’s your past,” Venegas said. “You go to this thing called MEPS. That’s where you get all of your tests done, your health tests [and] mental tests. Then you take the ASVAB. It’s like an SAT or ACT for the military. They basically take that score and use it to figure out your MOS [military occupation specialty] or your job.”

Venegas’s MOS is an electrical systems technician where he will serve for five years.

“[I’m most excited for] just being out, going places, working on planes,” Venegas said. “I’ve loved working with my hands.”

Venegas ships off in June of next year to basic training camp and will carry out five years of active duty from then.

“It means a lot because I was adopted into this country,” Venegas said. “So to give back a little bit that’s where I really want it to count. To be able to give back to my country for what they’ve done for me.”