Moving on to the military: Alex Burgher


Photo by Sam Wichhart

Noelle Schwarz, News Editor

Junior Alex Burgher decided he wanted to serve his country the best way he knew how: by joining the Army. To him, there is no greater honor.

“It means I’m serving my country,” Burgher said. “To me that’s a big part of my life, serving my country and serving my people and helping protect the freedom and rights that we have.

Burgher is joining the U.S. Army Reserve and will go to basic training next summer.

“After I finish my senior year, I would go into the AIT which is advanced individual training that’s just giving me my job training and all that,” Burgher said. “Then I’d serve for my contract which will be six years of reserve training, but I might be called in. Then after my contract I will have six months of college that I don’t have to pay for because of my service.”

Burgher was determined to go into the military despite his mother’s concern.

“My mom is being a mom and she’s like, ‘I don’t really want you to go, but if this is what you want to do I’m fine with that,’” Burgher said.

After completing his six years reserved, Burgher plans to stay in the military.

“I’ll probably stay on as a teacher with the army for a couple of years until I figure out a permanent job and the next steps in my life,” Burgher said.