Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan: The Revival of a Cliched Genre


Photo source: Spoiler TV

Prem Chandrasekar, Correspondent

A true action TV show should have the perfect storyline, plus blood, action and swears sprinkled in, and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan has all of this, plus more. Jack Ryan brings a fresh new taste to a genre that has been plagued by underdeveloped plot lines and overwhelming cliches.

Jack Ryan (John Krasinski), a former Marine and now CIA analyst has been trailing bank account that belongs to a terrorist named Suleiman (Ali Suliman). While a desk analyst at first, Ryan and his boss James Greer (Wendell Pierce) are quickly entangled in a worldwide manhunt from the blistering Middle East to the snowy French Alps to bring Suleiman in before he and his rising terror cell wreaks havoc to the world.

While the main plot revolves around capturing Suleiman, there were many intricate subplots. Too many subplots have been known to take a storyline down a confusing spiral, but Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland, the show’s creators, were able to weave multiple subplots that all lead to one main road. One of the best subplots is Hanin Ali’s (Dina Shihabi), Suleiman’s wife, escape from Suleiman with their two daughters. The plot goes from Syria, to Turkey and eventually the U.S. Hanin realizes that raising a family with Suleiman is a dangerous gamble, so she decides to leave with her kids, but her son decides to stay. Suleiman has his men pursue her. The perilous journey of Hanin and her daughters is one that has many twists and turns, from the escape to Turkey from Suleiman’s men, to the standoff in a refugee port. Hanin is one of the main reasons that Jack is able to have a big lead on Suleiman and a vital role in taking him down.

John Krasinski has been known to be an actor who typically pursues comedic roles, with his character Jim on The Office, but his performance in a serious role is even better. Krasinski is the fifth actor to play the analyst turned agent, with big names like Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Chris Pine, and Ben Affleck to take the roles. However, Krasinski’s modern take of the character makes him one of the best actors to play the role. Krasinski has the physique to play a great CIA agent, and his backstory makes the character as a righteous American who plans on saving the world.

All eight episodes of the first season are available to watch on Amazon Prime, and a second season is in development, which is rumored to be set in South America and about how Ryan confronts a new type of regime.