Final orchestra concert serves as tribute to seniors


Alana Cervera, Sports Editor

The lights dim and the students stop shuffling. A hush falls over the crowd. Orchestra Director Connie Reynolds stands in front of everyone, preparing to start the program. She raises the baton with the students watching her and cues them as they begin to play.

Naperville Central’s orchestra performed on May 10 in the auditorium and featured the final performances of the graduating seniors. All three orchestras played including Chamber, Concert and Symphonic.

While there was no theme to the end-of-year show, the students performed some pieces they picked and many classics.

“All three orchestras are playing their hardest work, their most challenging work,” Reynolds said. “And some of the songs they’re playing are some of my favorites. I love to play and conduct music I personally love.”

Senior Esther Park perfomed a solo. She played a piece on the piano at the beginning of the concert, which was her audition that won her the John Pearce Performing Arts Scholarship.

This is sophomore Adam Walsh’s second year in orchestra and describes what made this concert different from others.

“For each piece, the seniors changed so each senior can be first chair,” Walsh said.

The concert lasted approximately an hour and a half and gave tribute to the leaving seniors.

“At this concert, the first thing I thought of is the seniors,” senior Angelina Lee said. “All the seniors from all the [groups] performed a piece together, which is Star Wars.”

Every year Reynolds has the seniors pick a song to play.

She had a hard time imagining the orchestra without the graduating class.

“Some of these kids I started in fourth grade,” Reynolds said. “I’ve seen them go from 10 year olds to now. It’s quite a journey. And to watch them turn into musicians and have fantastic results, it’s really exciting. I always miss them.”

Lee has enjoyed being a part of orchestra for the past four years.

“My favorite part about orchestra is just the people you meet there who become your friends,” Lee said. “And I know lots of people say that but orchestra becomes your family. I’ve been really lucky to see my family every single morning during first period.”