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Student leaders outline plans for April 20 gun reform school walkout

After nearly 600 Central students participate in a private chat, organizers planning local version of national protest release event details.

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Student leaders outline plans for April 20 gun reform school walkout

Central Times Staff

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Editorial note: What follows is information being circulated by student leaders organizing Naperville Central’s participation in a nation-wide event in which students are encouraged to walk-out of school on Friday, April 20 to demonstrate support for the cause of gun legislation. By publishing the contents of this correspondence, the Central Times intends to objectively share information and is not specifically endorsing the event with this story. We will continue to report on this event, including how school and district administration plan to respond to it, in the weeks to come.


Mission Statement:

We advocate for gun reform, hoping that as students we can unite as one voice to catalyze a change in our nation’s gun legislation and influence the safety of the institutions we exist in.

When will we protest?

On Friday, April 20th, at 10:00 am we will promptly stand up and exit the school to peacefully protest until 3:10. After this point participants are strongly encouraged to stay until 6:00 pm after which the protest will officially end. Students: please do not use this event as an excuse to leave school without reason. If you walk out it is expected that you will participate in the protest. There is a separate walk out planned March 14th. Although we support this event and will stand in solidarity with those who will participate, the students of NCHS will not be walking out on this day. All are invited to wear orange on March 14th to show support for this event.

Who will protest?

All NCHS students are welcome to participate, as well as parents of students and civilians. Teachers are also encouraged to participate, circumstances allowing.

Where will we protest?

Students will utilize the North and East sides of school campus along Aurora Avenue and West Street, respectively. We may also utilize Rotary Hill and other public spaces, based on availability and expected number of participants.

Administrative Cooperation:

The coordination team is currently working with teachers and arranging meetings with administrative staff to avoid unnecessary conflict. We are aware of the expected lockdown on April 20th and will be working with administration to address this issue. More updates will come as this event continues to develop.

What can I do to help right now?

Currently we are looking to spread awareness of the event. We encourage that students share information of this event on social media and in person. We are also looking for businesses and patrons to sponsor our event. If you know of anyone willing to donate to our cause, please contact one of the coordinators. Any donated money not used by the end of the event will be given to Everytown for Gun Safety. Thank you so very much for your interest in and support of this event.



Ben Russell, Nathan Bryk, Lauren Anderson, Megan Troke, and Josie Norgren

Last revised 2/20/18

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