District 203 plans to spend $3.6 million on building renovations

Prem Chandrasekar, Staff Writer

As soon as school ends in May, District 203 and the renovation companies it hires begin working on renovating and repairing its schools. District 203 spends about $1 million every year on various renovation projects districtwide.

In addition to the exterior of school buildings, the district has to take into consideration what changes each school’s interior needs.

“Science lab remodeling, and repairs to the ventilation and heating and cooling units are also going to happen this year,” Steve Mathis, Director of Buildings and Grounds for District 203, said.

Naperville Central, Naperville North, Lincoln Jr. High, Scott Elementary and Highlands Elementary schools will be receiving renovations this year.

Mechanical work at Highlands and Scott and replacements of A/C units at North and Lincoln will be completed by F.E. Moran Mechanical Services, while roofing will be done by Riddiford Roofing Co. Additionally, the science room remodeling at North is going to be done by Kandu Construction. All the renovations require funding, which comes
from a variety of sources.

“The money that fund these projects come from tax money from the district, and each year they also allocate money for maintenance and upgrades,” Mathis said.

The science rooms at North, which will be renovated this summer, are getting a complete makeover.

“There will be new cabinets, flooring, ceiling, and a new layout,” Mathis said.

North students do not believe there is much in the science rooms that needed to be fixed.

“I did not notice anything too significant that would have hindered our learning,” North sophomore Makenzie Bauer said.

Renovations and repairs are happening this summer after school ends.