Student leaders outline plans for March 14 gun reform school walkout

Editorial note: What follows is information being circulated by student leaders organizing Naperville Central’s participation in a nation-wide event in which students are encouraged to walk-out of school on Friday, April 20 to demonstrate support for the cause of gun legislation. By publishing the contents of this correspondence, the Central Times intends to objectively share information and is not specifically endorsing the event with this story. We will continue to report on this event in the weeks to come.

Central Times Staff

When: On Wednesday, March 14th, at 10:00 am students will stand up and promptly exit their classrooms and walk to the football stadium. We will silently gather until 10:17 am at which time the walkout will end and students will return to their classrooms.

Where: Students will exit the building through door 7 (by the school store), door 8, or door 9 (the athletic entrance). Upon exiting students will make their way to the football field where participants will gather.

Who: This event is open to all students at NCHS. We encourage all to participate in our fight to end gun violence and to remember the victims of the Parkland shooting. Teachers are restricted by contract and law from participating in this event or encouraging/discouraging participation in this event.

What happens when I get there? In an effort to pay respects to the victims of Parkland this walkout will be silent. Use these 17 minutes of silence to reflect on the 17 lives that were taken in Parkland and the countless other voices cut short by gun violence in America. The walkout will officially end at 10:17 at which time students will have approximately 15 minutes to exit the stadium and return to their classrooms. In an effort to discourage truancy attendance will be taken a second time approximately 15 minutes after 10:17.

Do I need parents permission to participate? Tentatively the answer is no.

Will I be punished for missing class? No. The school has allowed students to utilize this time for a walkout because the majority of it falls in the Late Arrival special period. However, students may be punished for disrupting class if their behavior falls out of line (yelling, banging lockers, running in the halls etc.) as they exit or enter the building. If you should see another student behaving inappropriately, politely remind them of the spirit of the event and ask them to behave correctly so as to minimize our disruption of the school day.

What should I wear? All students are encouraged to wear orange, the color for gun violence awareness.

What if it rains? We will walk out all the same. To spend 17 minutes in the rain is a small inconvenience compared to the pain felt by those who have lost loved ones to gun violence.

What do I bring? Students do not need to bring anything to this event.

What about April 20th? NCHS will still participate in a second walkout on April 20th. More details regarding the second walkout will be released closer to that date.

Thank you for your interest in this event. If you have not already, sign up for reminders about this event and April 20th by texting @nchswa to 81010 and follow @nchswalkout on Twitter. Share this document with anyone you think may be interested in participating and spread the word on social media. Let’s change the world.


Ben Russell, Nathan Bryk, Josie Norgren, Megan Troke, and Lauren Anderson

Last revised 3/8/18