Alumni visiting Central will face heightened security procedures

Central SRO outlines new guidelines in an email to faculty. The policy, which places more responsibility on teachers, will take effect immediately.

Central Times Staff

In an email to teachers, school resource office James Tanksley outlined a new policy that will impact former students who visit Naperville Central. The policy change will take effect almost immediately, beginning on Thursday, March 8.

Like before, guests must enter through the front door, Door 1, where they will still be required to sign in and have their drivers license run through a system called Raptor, which performs a background check. But going forward, visiting alumni will need to provide documentation that they’ve been given permission to visit a specific faculty member at a previously designated time. Once checked in, the guests must wait at the front entrance Welcome Center until that faculty member either arrives to meet them or sends someone to meet them.

The newly revised policy reminds teachers that they are responsible for these guests while in the building and must escort them back to the Welcome Center at the end of the visit so that they can properly sign out.

This new process prevents drop-ins and unplanned visits and is intended to provide an additional level of building security at a time when schools around the country are searching for ways to improve on-campus security.