Film review: Pitch Perfect 3

Ana Turner, Business Manager, Opinions Editor

As everyone says, the third time’s the charm, but this was not true for the third installment of the Pitch Perfect series, “Pitch Perfect 3.”

My expectations were not set high for this movie because from experience I can say that the third installment of any series is usually the worst, but “Pitch Perfect 3” went even lower than my already low expectations.

I was a huge fan of the first movie, it was funny, entertaining and finally introduced a new storyline, unlike the remade movies that Hollywood has been producing at the time. The first movie was laugh-out-loud funny and I have watched it more than once since its premiere in 2012.

The first film was a success, but the producers should have stopped there. “Pitch Perfect 3” made me want to never watch a Pitch Perfect movie again.

The entire movie was based on the girls reforming their college a capella group, the Barden Bellas, and trying to perform as a group one last time.

The writers did not succeed with this movie. It seemed as though the writers were trying to recreate humorous scenes from the first film. Instead of causing laughter, this dull humor caused viewers to only feel annoyed.

Even with the humor being dull, the plot was in blunt terms, an outright disaster.

The Bellas traveled to Spain to perform for the U.S. Military’s annual gala and had to compete against other groups to determine who would open for DJ Khaled.

In the midst of all confusion, Amy’s dad finds her again, kidnaps her friends and holds them hostage on a boat, leaving Becca to save them.

The plot was so confusing that I gave up keeping track of events midway through the film. The problems the girls tried to solve were unrealistic and appeared to be a movie created for an audience of five-year-olds.

Since I found the first film to be comical, I expected this one to have at least some humorous scenes, however, since the girls have graduated from college, their behavior seen in the first movie is too immature for their age.

To those planning to watch this film, I will say that it will seem like a wasted seven dollars after the film is over. I do not recommend watching this film.