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Hallway Headlines: November

The Central Times' Mary Szymanski explores issues impacting other high schools around the country.

Mary Szymanski, Head News Editor

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1. Roleswelle, N.C.
Isaiah Langston, a football player at Rolesville, died in 2014 from a stroke that resulted from a head injury allegedly incurred during football practice. After an ongoing lawsuit against Rolesville High in Rolesville, N.C., it has been ruled that the Langston family will receive $45,000 in a settlement agreement. The school system’s insurer agreed to pay the $45,000 to dismiss the lawsuit and avoid the costs of a full trial. The parents originally accused the school for not following concussion protocol when their son complained of having a headache.
Source: News Observer


2. Plainfield, Ill.

A registered sex offender entered Plainfield East High School in Plainfield, Ill. last month, asking for medical assistance. Faculty members called an ambulance when
the man, identified as Jacob Sullivan, entered the building. The school resource officer realized he was a registered sex offender and arranged for his arrest. There were students in the building at the time which lead to a warrant being issued for his arrest. He was taken into custody and his bond was set at $100,000.
Source: CBS


3. Middletown, Ohio 
Dean and football coach Lance Engleka of Middletown High School in Middletown, Ohio, has resigned after death threats were allegedly made against him. The coach led the team to an unprecedented 18-game losing streak and he claimed parents had attacked him and his family verbally and online because of this. In his resignation, he suggested that losing at the high school level shouldn’t be a life-threatening situation.
Source: CBS Sports


4. Wisconson Dells, Wis.

School officials met to discuss the possibility of building a new Wisconsin Dells High School in Wisconsin Dells, Wis. The school received a donation of 80 acres of land from
alumni with the sole purpose of building a new high school. They were also given a $500,000 gift and Premier Resort Tax monies. The meeting to discuss the potential building
was a open to community members and met on Nov. 1.
Source: Wisconsin News



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Hallway Headlines: November