BREAKING NEWS: Central student found with knives

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BREAKING NEWS: Central student found with knives

Central Times Staff

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Just after school on Wednesday, Principal Bill Wiesbrook issued a Talk 203 email and call to all Naperville Central families alerting them to the news that a student was found in possession of knives on Nov. 14.

Here is the full text of Wiesbrook’s message:

“On November 14, 2017 a Central student alerted a School Resource Officer about another student who allegedly possessed a knife while at school. An investigation conducted by the School Resource Officer, who is a Naperville Police Officer, and NCHS administration found the student was in possession of knives in their backpack and on their person while on school grounds. School administration and Naperville PD collaborated and worked quickly to determine the school was safe and instruction continued as normal.

Any weapons on school grounds are illegal and are not allowed. We are confident in our practices to keep our students safe and are thankful for the student who reported this to a trusted adult and for our supportive school environment.

In addition, we continue to be grateful for our partnership with the Naperville Police Department and our School Resource Officers to ensure the safety of our students. As always, the safety and well-being of our school community is our top priority.”

The Central Times intends to follow up on this announcement and will provide more information about the incident as we are able.

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