Film Review: ‘A Dog’s Purpose’

Alana Cervera, Staff Writer

For all the dog lovers out there, this movie is for you. Based on the book by W.Bruce Cameron, this family-friendly, comedic film brings out the best in us and our pets.

The story follows Bailey (voice of Josh Gad), a golden retriever who is utterly devoted to his owner, Ethan (played by KJ Apa and Dennis Quaid). Growing up, the two of them are inseparable and do everything together. The movie spans the life of Ethan, while Bailey takes the place of other dogs in his lifetime. Bailey lives many lives throughout the movie, some good and some bad. He takes a new name each time and becomes a family dog, police dog, an abandoned pup, and somehow makes his way back to his original owner.

Because Bailey is narrating the film, the audience thoroughly enjoys hearing his thoughts as a dog rather than a human. Kids and adults love the cute humor and cannot get enough of him. This is one of the best parts of the film because it showcases his devotion to Ethan. All throughout the movie, Baily continually looks for his first owner. His unwavering faithfulness to Ethan is something all dog owners can relate to.

The use of lighting and happy, upbeat music makes the film even better. The many sunny scenes add to the light heartedness of the film and theme of it. Along with Bailey’s animated voice, the cheerful music boosts the happy feelings of the audience. While the film has a very optimistic tone, there are some somber scenes.

Bailey goes through many tough times. From getting shot on duty and being abandoned, he longs to be reunited with Ethan. But, he never fails to cheer up his other owners. He continually talks about his duty as a dog and how he desperately wants to make his owners happy. His positivity is what really drives this film and makes it memorable.

With an engaging plot and amusing mood, this film is definitely one for the books. So, for all of you dog-owners and parents, this lively and joyful film is definitely one your family needs to see.