Film Review: ‘Hidden Figures’


Ana Turner, Staff Writer, Web Editor

On Christmas, the movie Hidden Figures was released. Hidden Figures, a true story set in the 1960’s, displayed the struggles of racial segregation three african-american women had to endure while trying to advance in very difficult careers.

The three african-american women, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson, were engineers in Virginia at NASA. The women had different roles, but all were a minority both racially and with their gender.

Throughout the movie, all of the women faced backlash from their white superiors. Their offices were segregated and the african-american campus was located a half of a mile from the white campus.

It is obvious that the women’s talent overpowers those at the white campus, yet they are held back and treated as inferior because of the color of their skin.

The main conflict in the movie involves main character, Katherine Johnson. Her talent for mathematics was displayed at an early age and she continued her education at West Virginia State University. She was soon hired by NASA to help build a space shuttle and made her way up the ranks. Although Johnson had obvious talent, her career growth was halted because of the color of her skin.

In the movie, NASA soon grew in desperate need of a math engineer to help build the space shuttle that will help America win the space race. Johnson’s talents were recognized and she began to work on the white campus with the head engineers.

Johnson’s talent obviously overpowers her white co-workers, but even then, her stubborn co-workers refused to believe her work is better than theirs.

Throughout the movie she faces struggles with people accepting her race. She overcomes hurdles and faces challenges to prove that her race and her gender have no effect on her talents and abilities.

Hidden Figures is arguably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I was amazed at the way Johnson was treated and how she proved them wrong through her brilliant mind. Johnson stood up for herself when no one else would and proved everyone that doubted her wrong.

Hidden Figures beautifully painted the scene of what racial segregation was like in the south during the 1960’s. The movie did not sugar-coat any of the backlash the three women faced, but instead showed their strength and willingness to endure anything.Hidden Figures taught valuable lessons about persevering through challenges and to never accept defeat.

Overall, this movie was a breath of fresh air. Lately, movie plot lines seem to be recycled and boring. Hidden Figures plot is like nothing I’ve seen before and the fact that it is a true story is a bonus. Hidden Figures gives a feeling of happiness and motivation when you leave the theater and gives the lesson that anything is possible.

If you have not seen Hidden Figures yet, I would most definitely recommend it. The movie is one of the best out right now. Hidden Figures is a very motivating, feel-good movie and if you are looking for a boost in your mood, this is the movie for you.