Winter Dance theme voting to end on Thursday

Riddhi Andurkar, News Editor

Senior Class Council (SCC) has decided that the Central student body will vote on the 2017 Winter theme instead of just the council members.  

Members of SCC decided on this idea due to some previous conflicts with the students.

“In the past, a lot of people have been bashing us for the theme, or people are upset that they don’t like the theme, so we’re trying to make it more of a democracy,” Senior and SCC Secretary Rachel Damge said.  “At the same time, we like having the secrecy in announcing it for the whole school to find out at once, so it’s like the best of both worlds.”

This year, SCC picked four final themes during council meetings and recently presented a survey to the entire school to allow them to choose the theme for the 2017 Winter dance.

The survey will have been open for two weeks by its close date. After the results are collected, the final theme will be announced a few weeks before the Winter dance.

SCC conducted a brainstorming session during its meeting, and from there, narrowed it down to four themes.  The four themes are: Phantom of the Opera, Game of Thrones, Arabian Nights and New York, New York.

They selected these final themes after thinking about decoration designs, dress-up days, whether the themes appeal to them and if the theme would be appealing to the student body.

Junior Kate Ellis believes that presenting the option for the student body to vote on the theme is a better option than what was done in past years.

“I think voting would make people [who care about the theme] happy [because] they have some involvement in it,” Ellis said.

Senior and SCC President Anna Sellas also agreed with the decision to let the school vote because of experiences with past Winter dances.  

“I thought that some of the themes in the past were not very relatable,” Sellas said. “We wanted to get people more involved and make them want to come to the dance [because of the theme].”

Students have the opportunity to vote for their favorite of the four themes through the survey and can do so through Nov. 22.