Why Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election

Virginia Aabram, Head News Editor

The silent majority has spoken and elected Donald Trump, and if you’re anything like most entitled suburban kids you’re acting like the gays are going to be killed, the Mexicans will all be deported overnight and every Muslim will have a tracking device planted in their arm by tomorrow afternoon.  “How did it come to this?” you scream in your mind as you rant on social media how the bomb might as well come now.  But Trump’s victory was by no means inevitable nor was it even unlikely.  If the networks that were in charge of bringing us election coverage hadn’t been so concerned with campaigning for Hillary Clinton and denying reality, the country would have been more prepared.  Here are the two main reason that Trump won:

The liberal elites have no idea who they’re governing.  The ideology of the left has become more pervasive and dogmatic through the years of Obama’s presidency.  With the media on their side they have just about made it a crime to criticize gay marriage in any way and are trying to do the same with transgenderism.  They have changed abortion rhetoric from “safe, legal, and rare” to “on-demand and funded by taxpayer dollars.” Anyone who speaks out against these ideas, no matter how sound their arguments, are painted as radically religious, homophobic, woman-hating, etc.  It’s incredibly condescending when that the Left has no faith in the American people, and thinks that we need to be told exactly what to think by the people in power,  In fact, teaming up with celebrities most likely only hurt their chances, as it was just another way for them to pass judgement on the American people.

Classism in America has gotten out of control, and the victims have retaliated.  Imagine, if you will, that you are a poor, white conservative living in a rural part of the nation that voted Trump.  What must your life be like? Your life expectancy has declined in the last decade, the industry that held your small town together is disappearing, leading to economic disparity, and many people you know are addicted to opioids.  But the worst part is that you are part a group of people that it is acceptable to make fun of.  In the past years, it’s become a big no-no to make even a passing joke about homosexuals and transgender people, but those Bible-thumping trailer park hillbillies are fair game.  Unfortunately for the left, they have alienated the legs on which this country stands.  If Chicago disappeared today, the rest of the nation would be mostly unaffected, but if the majority of the counties that voted Trump were destroyed, the rest of the country would follow soon after.  They grow our food, manufacture the things we trade and every civilized society is really only nine meals from anarchy.  They are incredibly important to this nation, and for the media to hold them in contempt is a mistake.  Well, eventually the silent majority will stand up and say that enough is enough.  They chose Trump because he responded to their issues while the Clinton campaign dismissed them out of hand.  


People are afraid.  They’re afraid of Islamic terrorists, of illegal immigrants taking their jobs.  They’re also not happy with the government telling them what to do and how to think while criticizing or ignoring the deepest beliefs.  So yes, they voted for Trump and they voted for Republicans because that means smaller government.  The silent majority was not happy, so they made it known.


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