Column: Chris Tyson: A war on transgenderism

Javen Oswald, Opinions Editor

Popular YouTube co-star Chris Tyson from the Mr. Beast channel tweeted that he identifies as gender non-conforming and non-binary on April 5. The internet’s reaction to the news has been anything but kind, ranging from attacks to him as a father to death threats.

This type of backlash is nothing new for an internet personality who comes out as transgender. Another social media star who came out as transgender Dylan Mulvaney also saw and continues to see hate for her activism in the trans-community.

However, unlike Mulvaney, the internet has zeroed in on Chris’ parenting and the effects of his transition on his child. Most of what is being said is unintelligent, bigoted hate and misunderstands the effects of single motherhood.

But what does single motherhood have to do with Chris?

Chris is going to continue to be present in his child’s life which is more than some fathers can say for their kids. When kids live in poverty or other less fortunate circumstances, it detracts from their growth and childhood. Chris’ son will have a father and a mother who is both present in his life. He will also, judging by Mr. Beast’s video, be well off financially. This doesn’t mean he will have a perfect life, but his life will be pretty good.

This is not even to mention the psychological benefits of growing up with two parents instead of one, or the need for more parents in America to account for the children in foster care and orphanages.

A father being present is all you can truly ask of someone, and it does more than most could comprehend. People are merely using Chris as a vehicle to be transphobic. And the sad part is, the internet is accepting of the transphobia he is receiving. Chris should not be getting this negative reaction on the basis that he is a father nor should he be getting it because he wants to express himself.

This is better than the alternative of Chris’s child living with one parent. Anyone on the internet attacking Chris for damaging his son’s mental health or causing irreversible damage has no idea what the state of single-motherhood in America is. According to the U.S. census, almost a quarter of U.S. children under the age of 18 live with only one parent. Around 20% of all children live with only their mother.

The U.S. Census wrote that when working women with children they are likely to experience unemployment and a decrease. Because single mothers struggle to maintain employment and suffer pay decreases, their families are more likely to live in poverty. Single mothers have to provide not only for themselves, but their children too. So in many cases, if they are making just minimum wage, it is barely enough to get through the month and support their family.

When Twitter users say Chris should cut contact with his son, because he is going to cause irreparable damage they don’t understand the harm that would be caused by the absence of another parental figure. No matter if a child grows up with two moms, two dads, or one of each, it is better than growing up with only one parent.