Opinion: 4 bone-chilling Halloween hot-takes

Nina Rao, Correspondent

With spooky season coming up, everyone is concerned about their costumes, what party they’re going to, and how much candy they can collect. Halloween is a fun celebration but despite all the love, there are also many issues that people have with the holiday. In my opinion, here are 4 of the hottest takes on Halloween. 

Halloween should be the last Saturday of October.

Halloween is a fun holiday for children of all ages. Trick or treating, dressing up, and staying up late enjoying hard-earned candy are core memories. Unfortunately, Halloween occurring on a weeknight can put a damper on the festivities. The whole point of the holiday is to celebrate at night, when monsters “appear.” Curfews and bedtimes make this difficult. Therefore, Halloween should always be the last Saturday of October. This way, kids of all ages can celebrate to the fullest and limitlessly embrace the spooky season. 

Too many costumes are overused. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Halloween costumes can be cute if executed well.  However some of the worst things about this holiday are the overused, and basic, Halloween costumes. People have natural individualism to them, and that should be reflected in their costumes. Whether you go as an angel, Yung Gravy, or a deviled egg, every costume should be representative of your style. No one wants to see the same generic costume every year. Add your own touch to your costume and truly earn your Halloween treat. 

Candy corn is the worst Halloween candy.

Candy corn is by far the worst Halloween candy. It might even be the scariest part of the holiday. Candy corn is essentially molded corn syrup and food dyes with an atrocious waxy texture. While it’s an iconic spooky season candy, candy corn is despicable in taste and texture. To make it worse, candy corn is made of animal hides and bones, a fact many people don’t know. So, if you’re looking for premier candy to buy on Halloween, avoid candy corn at all costs. 

Pumpkin spice is overrated. 

Pumpkin spice-flavored drinks are a fall staple. Starbucks revenue increases immensely from the sheer amount of people buying pumpkin spiced lattes. Contrary to its popularity, pumpkin spice is only good when you aren’t thinking about it. The more you pay attention to the fall drink, the more unpleasant it tastes. There’s a strange combination of sweet flavors and spices thrown in with tons of sugar to mask the atrocious taste. It’s an objectively bad flavor that people only like because of the fall trend. If you want to add some flavor to your Halloween festivities, pumpkin spice anything is not the way to go. 

 I know I’ve spent a lot of time griping about what I dislike about the holiday, but  Halloween is tons of fun. The day is an opportunity to let loose, get dressed up, and enjoy yourself. Plus, who doesn’t love free candy?