Opinion: Why Raising Cane’s has the best chicken

Bella Chasen, Staff Writer

I wouldn’t say I’m a chicken enthusiast, but believe me when I say Raising Cane’s always exceeds my expectations. 

Like many Naperville Central students, Cane’s is one of my favorite off-campus lunch restaurants. Compared to the other chicken options nearby like McDonalds, Burger King, Popeyes, and Wendy’s, Cane’s has proven to be one of the best and the most popular restaurants across the student body.

I could preach about how perfect Cane’s is all day, but without any reasoning to back me up, what’s the point? Let’s review the perfect chicken criteria. 

First of all, the chicken itself. With the perfect breading-chicken ratio, a bite of Canes’ chicken tenders fills your mouth with the perfect amount of breading and the perfect amount of chicken. The breading is not too thick, and not too thin. It’s just right. When I eat one of their tenders, I instantly feel like I’m ascending to the heavens of good food. I am never disappointed by the taste and the texture of the chicken. 

Next up, the fries. Unlike the tenders that are perfect every time, the fries are infamous for being a hit or miss menu item. They are either perfectly warm with  a bit of crunch, or they are soggy and limp. The latter only happens every so often, but when it does, it’s completely depressing. As someone who gets extra fries most of the time, when they come out bad, it makes me instantly regret getting them. No one likes the taste of soggy fries. The restaurant lets you mix and match the side items, so if you want to be bold and get extra fries like me instead of their Texas Toast or coleslaw, you are free to do that. 

The last component, but certainly not the least, is the lemonade. The lemonade, made fresh daily, is a masterpiece on it’s own. When you see another student around Naperville Central with the Cane’s cup, it’s most likely the lemonade, or at least it should be. Never in my life have I ever tasted better lemonade. The tart taste is perfect and the sweetness isn’t overwhelming. This proves that just another component of the meal is beyond heavenly. 

Cane’s continues to show me just how good it is, and to be the best lunch food, so consider it next time you go out.