High school doesn’t have to be your only job

Kylie Brown, Entertainment Editor

As a high school student, money can be really tight. After all, constant trips to Starbucks and loitering at the Burger King down the street can really drain a person’s wallet. Even worse, being a student means putting on the big-boy pants and finding a source of income beyond our parents’ wallets. 

From my personal experience, the older I have gotten, the less I have been able to rely on my parents for money.

“You need to find a job!” they would gripe at me, and rightfully so. While my parents were saying one thing, however, my teachers and coaches would be saying another. “You don’t need a job,” I remember my coach telling me at a practice. “You’re busy as is!”

This leads me to ask, should students be working part time jobs on top of all their academic responsibilities and commitments to activities? In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that a quarter of high school students work. Although this statistic may seem surprisingly large to some, I find that being a teenager with zero source of income heavily influences a teenager’s decision to seek a part-time job. That’s what it did for me, anyway.

As someone who used to be that friend, meaning that friend who could never go out when money was involved, I can confidently say that part-time jobs change your life. No longer am I turning down plans to go to the movies and simply window shopping when I go to the mall. This is all because I work a part-time job during the school year.

For those who are concerned that jobs take too much time, my job doesn’t stop me from participating in activities and clubs. Dance still keeps me plenty busy and I still attend my daily practices. Although it may appear difficult, it is possible to work on top of other commitments. A person just has to know their limits and find a job that is right for them. For example, I only work on the weekends because I know there is no way that I can fit work into my busy after-school schedule. As long as students are aware of their availability and their limits, jobs are not impossible. 

In fact, jobs can be beneficial. 

On top of financial gain, jobs can give students a sense of financial independence, something that will benefit them in the real world. In addition, jobs look great on a college application and show responsibility. They can even help you meet amazing people and friends.  

High schoolers. having a job doesn’t need to be this big taboo. If your schedule allows it, why not go out there and search for a job? 

Your bank account will thank you.