I tried turning myself into a meme: NCHS homecoming meme, that is

Central Times’ Prem Chandrasekar shared his experience running for Homecoming court

Prem Chandrasekar, Managing Editor

I am a meme. 

I kind of realized that during  freshman year, but I really didn’t embrace until basically last year. I had my fair share of memeable things that I’ve done over the past four years, but I wanted to do something that would top everything that I have done in the name of being a meme. Plus, since it was senior year, I really didn’t care if this kind of destroyed my reputation.

That something that I wanted to do to top my memeiness came in the form of Homecoming. Specifically. becoming Homecoming King.

I really wasn’t planning on campaigning for court. I thought that just me being on the ballot would make everyone vote me just for the meme of it. But then I started seeing people post on their Instagram and Snapchat stories to vote for them, and i’m not gonna lie, it kind of made me not want to vote for them, and I’m pretty sure that’s what a lot of people think, too. 

So I decided to do something completely different. Reverse psychology.

I mean, it worked for Little Caesars with their “Do Not Call” campaign, so why wouldn’t  it work for me? 

That’s when I got to work. I started telling people not to vote for me. I made stories and memes about how voting for anyone else is better than voting for me. I started writing on white boards that no one should vote for me. I honestly didn’t think that it would work. Yet people started going with the joke, and eventually I was part of the court. 

Now for the fun part: Trying get voted for king. I literally did the same thing as I did before. I even tried to endorse Alex Wons for Homecoming King. I did everything in my arsenal to convince people to not vote for me. Reverse psychology at its best, am I right?

To be honest, the campaign was fun, but the assemblies were better, particularly when I was walking to the middle of the stage. When I walked on, almost everyone stood up.

That’s when I realized that I was the ultimate meme. I achieved it. 

Even though I didn’t win, I realized that I didn’t need to. I’ve embraced my inner meme, and it felt great. A culmination of four years led to this campaign.

I’m not done yet. I still got Mr. NCHS and Prom King.

Vote for Prem! Or, don’t.