How to get through the last week of school before a break

Naina Prasad, Managing Editor

The last week of school is always difficult: you’re mentally ready to sleep, but you have to study for finals. Netflix beckons, but so does the textbook. Rather than give in to relaxation early, here are a few ways to cope with those finals that are stressing you out:

  1. Create study groups: It’s hard to stay motivated and focused when you’re studying alone. Study buddies are always there to help you out and they can make studying more enjoyable.
  2. Reward yourself: You can push yourself through those mountains of Final exam review packets by treating yourself to some well deserved candy after every few pages.
  3. Get organized: Your study sessions will go by smoothly if you gather all your notes, homework and FERP’s in one place.
  4. Set goals: Figure out what you need to get done each day and write down your goal. By dividing up large daunting assignments into small goals you will be able to decrease your stress.
  5. Take breaks: Throwing yourself a five minute dance party or watching a short, amusing YouTube video will make the long amounts of studying feel less daunting and you will feel significantly