Senior assassins 2023 in full swing

Stella Williams, Staff Writer

The yearly Central tradition of Senior Assassins is currently running in full force.

Participants in Senior Assassins are each given a target, who they are supposed to shoot with a water gun in order to eliminate them. There are five rounds. Each round you are given a target, if you fail to assassinate your target, you are eliminated, although the first round was an exception to this rule. In the end, only one Senior will be left and they will receive a cash prize. 

Once assigned to a target, participants are tasked with having to stalk them and trade information with their friends so they can “assassinate” them by shooting them with a water gun.

The two seniors running the game collected a $15 entry fee from every one who is participating. All of this money goes to the prize money.

“First place is $1,000, second place is $750, third place is $500 and the most creative and most kills is going to be the same, $300 to $250,” said senior Mia Hernandez, one of the game runners. 

Because of the struggles seniors faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers added more prizes.

“We both felt like making more prizes available to seniors was kind of like a gift,” Hernandez said. “We all went through COVID together. We struggled a lot. We kind of deserve this game.”

All of the eliminations have to be video recorded to show proof of the kill. The videos are then posted onto the NCHS Assassins official instagram.

“I trusted the wrong person when I should not have. I thought they were trying to help me but they were trying to assassinate me,” Senior Assassins participant Shannon Allman said. 

The game is still ongoing, with 60 people starting off in the third round, although that number is quickly dwindling.