Radio jingle made to address Malaria in Nigeria


Javen Oswald

Junior Lakyshaa Nathan

Stella Williams, Staff Writer

Junior Lakshyaa Nathan decided to focus her semester-long Humanities Capstone project on something inspired by her personal experience.

“When growing up I knew that when I had to go to India to visit my family, I had to take these Malaria pills and I never really knew the true significance of it,” Nathan said. 

Although Nathan’s interest in malaria began when she visited her family in India, further research led her to focus on another place that malaria is rampant in.

“I researched more about malaria, and then I found that malaria is very prevalent in Nigeria specifically,” Nathan said. “I found that a lot of the issue is caused by corruption within the government. I also figured out that a lot of people can’t afford health care, which is the reason why many people can’t take treatments for Malaria.”

Nathan’s artifact that serves as a solution for the problem by bringing more awareness to the issue is a radio jingle, or advertising song. 

“One of my experts actually recommended radio jingles because they’re so common in Nigeria specifically, which is the reason why I resorted to radio jingles as my form of awareness.”

Malaria is a topic that Nathan truly cares about finding solutions for. 

“Researching more about something that I’m so passionate about and being able to actually find solutions that can be implemented into real life situations feels really, really good to me,” Nathan said.