Annual talent show Mr. NCHS moved to May

Jay Deegan, Staff Writer

Mr. NCHS has been moved from its traditional timeslot of early February to early May. The main reason is the large rise in COVID-19 cases in December and January.

The Omicron variant has affected many variants of school life, and it has affected Central’s annual traditions such as Mr. NCHS.

“Due to the climbing COVID cases, planning was unable to fully commence,” said Megan Cosgrove, sponsor of the Student Advisory Council.

Mr. NCHS is traditionally held in the school auditorium, which recently has been subject to having capacity limits as a result of the pandemic.

“Having a lot of people in the auditorium would be less than ideal,” said senior Leora Gadd, a chairwoman of Mr. NCHS.

Mr. NCHS normally creates a short film before the show, which includes a skit for each contestant, along with satirical questions.

“Some of the boys were a little uncomfortable with filming and being close in proximity with each other,” said Gadd.

The show is a large attraction for students and community members every year, and many come to see it.

“We decided it was just better and we’d have a better turnout if we moved it to May,” said Gadd.