Students make use of new homeroom period to take 5Essentials survey

Nathan Yuan, News Editor

Naperville Central students took the 5Essentials survey during their homeroom period on Jan. 11. The survey was developed by the University of Chicago and seeks to measure five components “critical for school success,” according to 5Essentials’ FAQ

The survey was a state requirement, and while it will not be directly referenced in Central’s annual school improvement plan, administrative staff will still look at the results.

“Mr. Wiesbrook, Mrs. Thornton, and I dig into it [in the summer], because we’re always looking to make things better, you know, and to get specific feedback from our students and our parents,” Assistant Principal for Operations Carrie McFadden said.

The 5Essentials survey was filled out by teachers and students. Parents were invited to take the 5Essentials survey in a Jan. 13 Talk203 email. They can find the survey at

“This survey itself asks for teachers to fill out and parents to fill out and students to complete as well,” McFadden said. “They really are looking to get your opinion on specific items that all kind of fall together about effective schools, so that we could get some information on what would help.”

Students also filled out other surveys, namely the Panorama survey which collected student opinions and thoughts and the Illinois Youth Survey which collected information on perceptions towards drugs and alcohol.

Filling out surveys is one example way homeroom periods will be used after the elimination of the extended second period schedule on Wednesday. For the most part, McFadden thought Last Tuesday’s homeroom period went well.

“I think it’s going well,” McFadden said. “I don’t think it’s perfect, I think that things will get better. There’s always ways to improve and we’re doing things for the first time and even just using technology, there’s going to be some glitches, but I think it’s going to be better by the end.”