Hallway Headlines: December 2021

Nathan Yuan, News Editor

Certain school districts in California are limiting the use of “D” and “F” letter grades

LOS ANGELES— Santa Ana, Oakland Unified, Sacramento City Unified and other California districts, high schoolers who fail a test or assignment will be given a chance to reassess or more time to complete their work.

Students who fail to complete their work or fail their tests will be given a grade of “incomplete.” 

This change is called competency-based learning, which supporters say will allow students to demonstrate their knowledge, when they have learned the material, and for students who don’t know the material to get support.

82-year-old former high school coach married in gym named after him

AUSTIN, Texas— Even after retiring after 19 years of coaching, Roosevelt Nivens continues to substitute teach at Austin High School. Nivens has had scholarships named after him, was inducted into the school’s Hall of Honor, and the gym is named after him. 

Following the death of his wife in 2015, Nivens met a lady named Oleander Thomas at the church he went to. One day Thomas got a phone call from Nivens asking her our on a date.

In the same gym named after him, surrounded by family, community members, students and teachers, Nivens exchanged vows with his wife.