Debate team shows promise in performances

Jay Deegan, Staff Writer

Naperville Central’s Debate team has had a promising start to the 2021-22 debate season, winning first place at this year’s second Illinois Congressional Debate Association (ICDA) tournament on Oct. 31.

The team won first place in the small schools division, and many members went home with an individual award.

“Of the 28 debaters that went, 24 received some type of nomination or award voted on by their peers or by judges,” head Coach Randy Smith said. “It might have been our best ever so that was very exciting.” 

The team saw several successes, especially with newer members on Sept. 25, at the first tournament of the year.

“At ICDA one, we had a lot of our novice first-year members place and get nominated,” senior debate team captain Anusha Kumar said. “Which just means that they ranked in the top two in their session.” 

Despite their success, the debate team wasted no time getting right back to work on their future tournaments.

“One thing we’re really focusing on is getting our kids to stop reading their speeches,” Kumar said. “But actually delivering them and speaking extemporaneously.”