Scholastic Bowl team offers students a chance to gain unique knowledge

Joey Rubas, Staff Writer

 Naperville Central’s Scholastic Bowl team has gone 2-2 this season, winning their matches against Metea Valley High School and Naperville North High School.

 “Scholastic Bowl is kind of like team Jeopardy,” head coach and Physics teacher Hans Muehsler said. “Students are asked questions about all different subjects: math, science, social studies, english, pop culture, music and more. When students know the answer they have buzzers and they buzz in.” 

While the questions cover a wide variety of subjects, not everyone is cut out to answer every question. Some students specialize in one topic, while others are jacks of all trades.

“I’m more general, but there are some people in our group who specialize. Like someone can be really good at art, some people really good at music, some who are good at sports stuff like that” Varsity Member Rohin Gopalka said. “It’s really fun because you get to learn a lot of stuff you wouldn’t learn otherwise. It really tests your knowledge.” 

But the real thrill of the activity comes from the unpredictability, Muehsler said. 

“What makes it fun is that you never know what question you’re going to get. Right? So you have to be ready for anything” Meuhsler said. 

The team’s year will continue with the remainder of their DVC meets, and conclude with a handful of larger and more competitive invitational tournaments.