Hallway Headlines: October 2021

Nathan Yuan, News Editor

Queer student threatened with discipline over waving of pride flag at Catholic school

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — During the assembly to announce the homecoming queen, a gender-fluid queer student, Emma Houle, waved a rainbow-colored Pride flag at St. Francais High, Sacramento, CA. The following week, Houle and her parents were threatened by school administrators with disciplinary action, after which Houle posted her frustrations on Instagram. Numerous students and alumni reacted to the post with support, with the post reaching 2,400 likes. The school wrote that it recognizes the pain of women calling for changes, but at the same time, St. Francais is a Catholic school and abides by the Catholic teachings. School officials noted that they could not support or establish an LGBTQ+ club.

One arrest, one trespassing ticket, one injury in Loudon County school board, National School Boards Association describes unruly parents “domestic terrorists” in letter to Pres. Biden 

LOUDON COUNTY, Va. — A Loudon County school board meeting ended in one arrest, one trespassing ticket and one injury. Security was increased due to death threats board members received. The public comments period was shut down early after parents touched on topics ranging from the treatment of transgender students to the teaching of racial equity in the classroom. One father whose daughter was allegedly sexually assaulted was dragged out of the meeting by police and left with a bloody lip. “This meeting has degenerated,” the school board said in closing statements. The disruptive and sometimes violent actions follow a theme of unruly school board meetings prompting the National School Board’s association to request a DOJ investigation into what they labled as “domestic terrorism.” School board meetings have become battleground of sometimes uncivil spats over topics such as masks, vaccines, racial equity, sexual identity and many more. In their letter, NSBA cited involving an Illinois individual who was arrested for aggravated battery and disorderly conduct and another individual who yelled a Nazi salute in Michigan during school board meetings.

Naperville North opens first gender-neutral bathroom, second to follow next year

NAPERVILLE, Ill. — Naperville North high school opened a gender-neutral bathroom for the first time to students this week, and another bathroom is scheduled to open for the next school year. This news comes after administrators discussed plans over the past two years. Plans were finalized earlier this year after an uptick in student requests, and follow a theme of increasing inclusivity towards non-binary students.