Hallway Headlines: September 2021

Cameron Rozek, Editor-in-Chief & Head News Editor

Milwaukee suburb stops offering free and reduced lunch 

WAUKESHA, Wis. ― The Waukesha School District has elected to stop providing free and reduced lunch to students. The Milwaukee suburb’s school board voted to do so in late August just before the start of school. Proponents of the decision have claimed that free and reduced lunch programs are spoiling the children. 

The district is the only one in Wisconsin to refuse the federal funding for the program. The decision has now been met with extreme backlash both locally and online.


Massachusetts governor calls upon National Guard 

BOSTON ― Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker order 250 national guard troops to act as bus drivers on Sept. 14. The national labor shortage has spared no industry, including education.  School districts nationwide are struggling to find bus drivers, with nearly 65% of districts reporting a shortage. 

The guard began training this week. Bus driver shortages have also caused school closures all over the nation. 


Private school discriminates against LGBTQ coach

LISLE, Ill. ― Benet academy, a private high school in the Chicago suburbs has rescinded a job offer to a varsity girls lacrosse coach after finding out she was lesbian. The decision has been met with extreme backlash with students wearing rainbow items in opposition to the school’s stance regarding the LGBTQ+ community. In a frankly poetic sequence of events, a rainbow was cast over the school at the end of a rainy school day on Sept. 20th after students and community members protested the administration.


E-Coli outbreak halts return to in person school 

PLAINFIELD, Ill. ― Following the finding of E. Coli in several water supplies in the area, Plainfield East High School and its school district were forced to put an abrupt end to the return to in person learning, this time  for COVID-19. 

    A city wide boil order meant that the school could not safely allow students to return to school for a number of days last week as drinking water was not safe and cafeteria food would not be available. Instead, the district directed students back to a form of e-learning until the water supply was later tested and confirmed to be E. Coli free later that week.