Hallway Headlines: January 2020

Cameron Rozek, Online Managing Editor & News Editor

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Student expelled from Christian school over rainbow attire

Freshman Kayla Alford was expelled from Whitefield Academy after staff discovered photos of her wearing a rainbow shirt and in front of a rainbow birthday cake. 

Alford was celebrating her 15th birthday at a restaurant, her mother took a photo of her with the rainbow sweater on in front of a rainbow cake, and then posted on her facebook page. 

The photo was shared with staff from Alford’s school, Whiefield then promptly sent Alford’s mother a letter letting her know that her daughter was expelled from the Christian school stating that the student was displaying a symbol that went against the school’s philosophy. The letter was signed by the head of the school. 

After experiencing backlash from the public, Whitefield said publicly that this was not the result solely of a social media post, but that the student had previously been in trouble with the school on two occasions for skipping class and vaping.

This is not the first occasion in which the school had been critical of Alford’s presumed sexuality. Alford’s mother mentions that the school counselor had given her a book detailing how “god had convinved her to abandon her lesbian mindset.”

The Baptist school eventually agreed to change the expulsion to a voluntary withdrawal so that it would not affect her permanent record, however they refused to meet with Alford’s mother. 


AURORA, Ill. — Student heard shouting racial slur on viral snapchat video 

Waubonsie Valley high school has been in turmoil recently as a video of a white student shouting the N-word surfaced on snapchat. Many parents and students have claimed that her

punishment is not severe enough. 

The 10th grade girl who appeared in the video was screaming the slur while others around her encouraged her at a New Years Eve party. 

Parents of black students have expressed their discomfort with this type of environment for their children.

Indian Prairie school district 204 has not come out to say what the students punishment was, but the public has been vocal about the fact that they believe the punishment is 



BOUNTIFUL, Utah — Student activists “grade” Utah lawmakers on gun policy

The Utah legislature voted on laws regarding gun violence during their 2019 session. 

Students at Bountiful High School decided to evaluate lawmakers on how they voted based on which bills were expected to have a positive or negative outcome. 

The group presented their grades at a press conference. An overwhelming majority of lawmakers received D and F grades.

The students say the grades are primarily based on how well the laws they vote on vie for the safety of civilians. Students claim that too many shootings and attacks have gone without change and people are in danger. 

The students ultimately believes that they need enough traction to push the lawmakers away from gun lobbyists.