New courses populate CTE department

Mary Jane Deer, Head News Editor

 Next year, Naperville Central’s  Career and Technology Education department will offer seven new classes and change the names of five existing courses according to the CTE Instructional Coordinator, Dr. Lynn Andrees. 

Nolan Moss, who currently teaches Companion Animal Sciences and multiple floral and agriculture classes, will be teaching Plant Science, Food Science (Agriscience Dept), Floral and Landscape Design, and Aquaculture and Urban Food Production. 

Wright King, who teaches woodshop, and Grace Tweitmeyer, a geometry teacher, will teach the new Geometry and Construction class. 

The last new course is Engineering Design Studio, or EDS. It will either be taught by Brian Dunn, who teaches drafting and graphics, or Brett Thompson, an electronics teacher, or Chris Feid,who teaches automotive and R&D. 

There will be five name changes to existing courses in the CTE department. 

Woods 1 will be changed to Woodshop Elements. Woods 2 & 3 will be called Woodshop Studio. Both courses will be taught by Wright King.

Dunn also teaches Drafting 1 and 2 which will be renamed Drafting  Studio 1 and Pre-engineering and Architecture Drafting to Drafting Studio 2. 

Auto 1, taught by Feid, will be renamed Transportation Engineering & Maintenance. 

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