Board of education approves 2020-2021 calendar

Cameron Rozek, Online Managing Editor & News Editor

The Naperville School District 203 Board of Education met on Nov. 18 and unanimously approved Calendar C, one of three options for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years.

“While we presented three calendars to the board there were about 12 different versions of Calendar C beforehand,” said Chuck Freundt, the Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education.

Freundt was responsible for compiling and presenting the calendars to the board. 

Initially, there were Calendars A and B, but they were formed into what eventually became Calendar C after thorough consideration of community input.

“The community wanted [the school year] to start midweek,” Freundt said. “That allowed for a softer and easier transition.”

The calendar schedules the first day of school as Wednesday, Aug. 19 2020. 

The calendar plans to have school days off on election days. However, the choice was not based off of students and staff gaining voting time.

“[Having election days off] had nothing to do with staff and student voting,” Freundt said, “but rather making sure the gym and voting areas in the schools are not overcrowded for safety reasons.”

The shifts in the schedule by only a few election days pushed several aspects of the typical year out of their normal spots.

Students can expect a mostly identical calendar, but with slight shifts.