Hallway Headlines: October 2019

Cameron Rozek , News Editor & Online Editor

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – School bans cell phones

Lumen Christi High School banned cell phones on campus at the beginning of this school year. Reports say that staff and students find the change to be positive. Teachers have noted increased focus and attentiveness during class. The school is rather small, with a total of 70 students. As students arrive each day, phones are given to the administration and are returned when students leave. 


SALINAS, Calif. – Students learn to suppress lethal bleeding

A local medical center visited Salinas High School to teach students and staff how to properly halt bleeding and apply a tourniquet. Natividad Medical Center trains businesses, organizations, and schools how to stop bleeding as part of their Stop The Bleed campaign. The American College of Surgeons recognized that stopping bleeding is the easiest action bystanders can take to help people in a shooting scenario.


MILFORD, Ohio – Homecoming king and queen are no more

Students at Milford High School expressed their desire to do away with gender specific homecoming roles. The administration decided to name two students “Homecoming Royalty” this year, instead of the king and queen. “This change in terminology was made to reflect the voice of Milford’s student body and to ensure all students have the opportunity to feel included,” said Milford High School on their website. 


BURLINGTON, Vt. – Girls soccer fights for equal pay 

The girls soccer team at Burlington High School celebrated their score by lifting off their jerseys to reveal shirts that read, “#EQUALPAY.” The team is said to have done so to raise awareness about the vastly large pay gap between mens and womens professional soccer players. Players were disappointed when all were given yellow cards for removing their uniforms, which was against the rules. 



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