Buses arriving past 9 a.m. on late start Wednesday mornings


Cameron Rozek, News Editor

Naperville Central is once again struggling with bus dropoffs on late arrival Wednesdays. 

“The buses are a big problem,” Principal Bill Wiesbrook tells the Central Times. On Wednesdays, buses are expected to pick up students approximately 100 minutes later than on the other days of the week, but many students are experiencing longer pickup delays. 

According to Cindy LaBorn, Director of Transportation for Naperville Community School District 203, there are a few factors that can slow down busses on a normal basis. The most prominent are vehicle crashes, equipment breakdown, weather, and buses going back to pick up students that missed the bus. 

Freshman Theodore Ng believes that the buses are usually late because students who run late haven’t adjusted to the late arrival schedule. Buses often wait for these students, creating delays.