Senior Class Council donates extra funds to other activities

Virginia Aabram, Head News Editor

Senior Class Council (SCC) had an above average amount of money to dole out this year for senior class gifts due to their thrifty spending and saving tactics.

The $32,200 will be distributed among 15 clubs, organizations and charities.

“We had $32,000 to give out mostly because we raised [dance] ticket prices and had an overwhelming turnout for the dances,” said Anna Sellas, SCC president. “We also raised a lot of money in [Junior Class Council] with prom and fundraising so we came into senior year with $6,000, which was a great start.”

The largest chunks of the money will go to Special Spaces, a charity that designs unique bedrooms for sick children, and to Central’s Bass Fishing Club for a new boat.

Other recipients include Starfish Animal Rescue, Medical Club, Freshman Class Council, Sophomore Class Council, Junior Class Council,Red Rage, Theatre Central, Brady Saturday Stars, Comfort Zone Camp, the Honor Garden, Hawk TV, The Central Times and Business Professionals of America (BPA).

The remainder of the money will be used for the senior beach party, staff appreciation and making a DVD of the commemorative ceremony.

The boat for Bass Fishing Club comes as a welcome gift because without it the club has been unable to compete in certain competitions.

“I spent weeks trying to find a boat we could rent, or parents who had boats we could borrow, just asking anybody that I knew if they had a boat,” said Lynne Nolan, director of Student Activities. “We couldn’t even compete at DVC last year because we didn’t have a boat.”

The $3,500 gift from the senior class will be matched by the student activities department to buy the first of two needed boats.

Another recipient will be Medical Club. “We plan on purchasing a laryngoscope and a laryngoscope dummy for the purposes of learning and practicing intubation,” said Senior Trevor Hale, president of the club. “Medical Club will share these items with the Health Occupation classes as well to further educate students and to generate interest in the medical field.”