Raffle to possibly be added to 4.0 awards

Naina Prasad, Managing Editor

Senior Bethany Krupicka is in the process of adding a raffle and prizes to the 4.0 breakfast that is hosted in the Central cafeteria with the help of Vice Principal of curriculum and instruction Jackie Thornton.

“It’s an incentive to get people to go there and something fun to celebrate everything  we have been doing” Krupicka said. “I’m working on it, hoping there’ll at least be a little bit ready for this year, in April.”

The idea was lighted after the 4.0 ceremony last year when Krupicka was speaking to a friend who attended North.

“I don’t know exactly what North’s budget is, I think they get a lot of donations and there are a lot of places that are willing to support high school high-achieving students,” Krupicka said.

Thornton wants to encourage attendance to the ceremony, but isn’t concerned that North’s and Central’s ceremonies aren’t exactly aligned.

“At Central from the breakfast perspective, we have tables set up, we invite people to eat, it’s a little bit different at North they provide breakfast but no tables or anything like that,” Thornton said.

Thornton, Krupicka and Principal Wiesbrook had a meeting three to four weeks ago and determined the criteria that prizes would need to fall in if they were introduced. Central would need to be able to provide gifts relating to school events or organizations.

“Although I would be willing to go to places like Chipotle or Noodles and get gift cards that’s not sustainable once I graduate so right now we’re looking at things in school that we can do” Krupicka said. “Even some things that are kind of simple, like freshman can win the chance to choose their lunch period for sophomore year.”

Thornton wishes the purpose of the 4.0 Ceremony is not pulled into the shadows with the addition of prizes.

“A relatively low percentage of our students earn a 4.0 all seven semesters so for some students it may be this one semester their sophomore year they’re celebrating” Thornton said. “I don’t want to lose that focus on why we’re doing it and I would worry that if it was about raffles and prizes that it takes some of the spotlight away.”