Central staff prevented from discussing technology changes and updates

Neya Thanikachalam, Editorial Editor

Due to a process change, students who want to make reports on the technology at Naperville Central must contact the Director of IT Infrastructure, Joe Jaruseski, instead of getting information from the IT staff at the school.

Central Times writers reporting on stories about the technology in the building in Sept. were referred to Jaruseski for interviews. When questioned regarding the reason for the change, a member of the IT staff at Central declined to comment.

According to Jaruseski, these changes were made to give students a more thorough answer to their questions, since the technology has now been incorporated into high schools, middle schools and elementary schools.

“With all of this intertwined activity, we’ve found the best, most accurate, and most timely way to provide answers to questions is to bring them to a central point so we can explore all levels and areas and provide a fuller answer,” Jaruseski said.

Jaruseski believes that the changes are not long-term.

“I’m hoping that as the ramp-up to the new school year slows down, [the process change] will not be permanent,” he said.

Students are unsure about this change.

“I feel like if we were directly able to talk to the IT staff then a lot of problems would be able to be solved quicker,” junior Joyce Zheng said.