Naperville to host first marathon

Allison Hinze, Entertainment Editor

Put on your cold gear and lace up your running shoes because the city of Naperville will host its inaugural marathon this November. The event, featuring a half-marathon, will begin Nov. 10 at 7 a.m., according to the Daily Herald.
Naperville has been credited with having a large running community. In an interview with the Daily Herald, race organizer Bob Hackett explained that this marathon is a qualifier for  Boston Marathon hopefuls and will be capped at 4,000 participants.
Hackett has also organized the Fox Valley Marathon in St. Charles for the past three years.
“You have to cap it in the first year to make sure it’s a nice quality event for the community, and we’ll see what growth looks like from there on,” Hackett told the Daily Herald.
Planners believe that there will be no problem hitting the cap.
Central staff members have already shown enthusiasm and support for the upcoming event.
Career and Technical Education teacher Gwen Wells has been running marathons for seven-years. She began after her sister passed away from multiple myeloma, and Wells wanted to raise money.  Wells is very enthusiastic for the event.
“I was also excited to hear about who is running the event,” said Wells. “It is the same organization that runs the Fox Valley Marathon…they have great courses and wonderful water stops, so I believe Naperville’s will be terrific.”
Within Central’s Mathematics Department, Fox Valley Marathon finisher Jeff Danbom has also expressed interest in the upcoming marathon.
Danbom has 10 marathons under his belt and hopes to increase that number this fall. As a Naperville resident, he is excited to see what the course will be like.
“I think it’s wonderful that Naperville has a marathon to showcase this wonderful city,” said Danbom. “I hope that the course will venture into the different neighborhoods of Naperville and give the runners a taste of how great the Naperville community is.”