Hallway Headlines: September 2019

Cameron Rozek, News Editor, Online Editor

Anchorage, Alaska 

Breckynn Willis is a 17 year athlete at Diamonds Highschool in Anchorage, Alaska. After winning a race, she was disqualified by the referee, who claimed her school-issued swimsuit violated the national standard. Alaska schools follow the national standard that requires the bottocks to be completley covered. Accusations against the referee and demands for the athlete to be given her victory have sprung up around the issue. 


Houston, Texas

Langham Creek Highschool in Houston, Texas went on lockdown on September 13th, 2019 due to the threat of a student with a gun. 17 year old and former student Jordan James McGee was in the hallways and later fled to a nearby neighborhood. The young man was in possession of an illegal weapon and apprehended. 


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Vincent Highschool in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has a unique agricultural program that offers students the chance to raise animals on the school’s farm. Students learn in a hands-on environment unlike any other in the country. Vincent Highschool prides themselves in the unique information about consumerism and agriculture that their students have access to.


Fruitport, Michigan

Fruitport Highschool is in the process of redesigning the entire school in an effort to provide the best protection from potential shooters. The school includes numerous, carefully thought out details that serve as a defensive measure in the case of an emergency. Hallways and rooms direct students and visitors in such a way that administration can easily monitor them. The school and parents of students hope that the redesign can provide some peace of mind that they cannot find in the law.