Seniors’ thoughts on prom

Stella Williams

With prom weekend just around the corner, Central Times’ Stella Williams spoke with seniors to get their thoughts about the event.

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I think prom is a rite of passage for seniors, and even though juniors are also invited, it’s mostly seniors, and I think that makes it a very fun and unique opportunity. You always hear about prom in media like movies and TV, and now that we have the opportunity to go to prom, we finally get to experience it ourselves instead of just hearing about it from other people.

— Robyn Flakus

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I think [prom] will be fun because it’s like a last get-together with all your friends. I’m more excited about the after party because usually dances are not that fun and can be lame, but at the after party, you’re surrounded by people you actually want to be around.

— Olivia Samolej

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I’m not going to prom because I don’t like big gatherings and I have work, but I think [prom] is a great little finale to the end of your high school career. I think the dance itself sounds pretty lame, but it seems like a nice little ceremony to celebrate the end of high school.

— Ryan Mueller

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I’m going to prom because all my friends are going and I think it’s an important part of my senior year and I didn’t want to miss out on it. I see prom as a milestone, especially since graduation is coming up so soon, so I feel like it’s really important for us to all celebrate together.

— Emerson Jarrell